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Interested in Stem Cell Injections? Increase Your Chance for Success

Interested in Stem Cell Injections? Increase Your Chance for Success

by Dr. Marc Funderlich

Stem cell injections are one of the most interesting options for those seeking help with chronic joint issues. People are resting their hopes on this expensive and potentially life-altering procedure and its success. If you are considering these therapies, it’s important to know there are different types of stem cell injections and varying opinions on which form of regenerative therapy is the best.

The point of this article is not to give you an opinion on which option is the best, but rather to offer ideas about how to make your stem cells go the extra mile, improving your chances for success. 

Imagine you were blindfolded, taken from your home, and dropped in the middle of the Short Hills Mall on a crazy Black Friday. You open your eyes and see people running in all directions. Where would you go? Similar things happen with stem cells. They are injected into the body with the hopes that they survive, end up in the right place, and then become the right kind of cells. As with powerful currents in the ocean, often stem cells get carried to the most metabolically-active sites — heart and lungs. In cases where stem cells fail, a multitude of factors play into it. Did the stem cells go to the right spot (the knee versus the lungs, for example), did they become the right kind of cell, or did they not survive? If your toxic body chemistry or a neurochemical shift caused the degeneration in the first place, might these new cells suffer the same fate as the original joints/cells? If we put roses in the garden and forget to water them, what will happen? The soil will dry up killing the roses. And if we plant new roses in the sandy dry soil, will they survive?

So how can you stack the odds? The best answer is to be properly evaluated. See a provider who specializes in in comprehensive lab analysis and structural evaluation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; the more pre-injection groundwork you lay (or the sooner you begin changing the plant’s soil), the better your odds of success. What else can you do? You can put the icing on the cake by using an Erchonia FX635 laser before and after stem cell injection. Only this specific medical device contains the precise frequency to help increase the chances of the stem cells heading to the right place. Think of this specific light as an air traffic controller guiding airplanes to the runway. The best part about the Erchonia laser is that this tool is safe and painless with no side effects.

Having worked in regenerative medicine clinics prior to joining Core Therapies, I’ve treated many stem cell patients. I’m happy to answer any questions about stem cells, cord blood or PRP. Don’t hesitate to set up a consult and learn more about the cutting-edge tools we offer to patients preparing to undergo stem cell therapy and for anyone looking to improve their overall health.