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Maximize Your Summer Fun: Chiropractic Solutions for ALL Ages

Maximize Your Summer Fun: Chiropractic Solutions for ALL Ages

Maximize Your Summer Fun: Chiropractic Solutions for ALL Ages

Adults: Rejuvenate with Ultrasound Therapy

As summer arrives, many adults eagerly embrace outdoor activities such as golfing, tennis, and other fun sports. While invigorating, this increased activity can sometimes lead to overexertion and inflammation. Ultrasound therapy, a technique that uses sound waves to penetrate deep into tissues, is an excellent solution for such summer woes. This therapy promotes healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. When combined with chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic exercises, it significantly alleviates pain and accelerates recovery. For those who overdo it during summer sports, ultrasound therapy helps rejuvenate the body, making you feel ten years younger and ready for more adventures. Let us help you quickly get back on your feet and enjoy the sunny season pain-free.

Children: Swift Recovery with Kinesio Taping and Chiropractic Care

Summer is a season of non-stop activity for children, from soccer camps to playground games. Ensuring that kids stay healthy and active is crucial, and our chiropractic care services are here to support this goal. Kinesio taping, popular among professional athletes, offers a remarkable solution for young athletes. This elastic therapeutic tape provides necessary support without restricting movement, aiding in faster recovery. When applied by a certified chiropractor like myself, Kinesio taping can effectively reduce swelling and pain, allowing children to return to their activities swiftly. In addition to Kinesio taping, therapeutic exercises and chiropractic adjustments are essential for keeping children in top form for their favorite sports, whether it’s tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, or baseball. By maintaining their physical health and promptly addressing any minor injuries promptly, we ensure that our kids can enjoy a fun and active summer without prolonged interruptions. Our chiropractic care services are dedicated to helping your children stay healthy and active throughout the season. 

For more information on how chiropractic care can benefit you and your family this summer, contact our office today. We’re here to help you make the most of the sunny season!

Why Choose Cash-Based Services?

Why Choose Cash-Based Services?

Why Choose Cash-Based Services?

Happy June, everyone! We finally made it to summer. What an amazing time of the year filled with schedule changes, BBQs, vacations, time with family and hopefully the opportunity to prioritize your health. 

As I opened my own business, I had to make the challenging decision of being an in-network provider or an out-of-network provider. To be completely honest, this was an easy decision to make. From the start, I leaned toward being cash-based or out-of-network. But after completing my Trauma Informed Care certification, I was convinced that cash-based was the way to go. Trauma informed care really resonates with cash-based practice because, as a patient, you get real QUALITY time with your practitioner. As a practitioner, spending tons of time and money coordinating with insurance companies isn’t time well spent. Instead, I can wholeheartedly focus on YOU and your wellness. This ultimately allows you to be seen and heard, recover faster, have autonomy in your health and spend time with your practitioner that you deserve.

So, why isn’t coordinating with insurance companies time well spent? First, some insurance companies requires specific referrals to be eligible for coverage. This may mean you have to visit various providers (e.g. primary care doctor, OBGYN, pediatrician) before being referred for pelvic floor therapy or pediatric therapy. However, if you are seeing a cash-based specialist, especially the amazing OT at Nurtured Pelvic Health & Wellness, you can see that OT and together you can collaborate with the OT from your initial appointment to regain control of your health and wellness.

Another reason insurance can be challenging to work with is that they have specific rules that determine coverage. This means there are some things they will cover and some they won’t. They also dictate the interventions you should receive based on their coverage decisions. If you are making progress, they may decide that enough progress has been made and discontinue coverage, not considering that more progress could be made or that you, as the client, want to continue.

Additionally, coding matters. Manual therapy is often not covered, requiring practitioners to prove the necessity of physically touching and connecting with their patients. As practitioners, we deeply dive into evidence-based practice, reading research, and studying the latest interventions. Unfortunately, insurance rules do not focus on evidence. They do not prioritize client-centered treatment or your ability to meet your goals. Instead, they focus on maximizing the insurance company’s profits.

Insurance in general is resistant to change. Preventative and proactive treatments or therapies are not typically covered. For example, if you have had your first baby and need to rebuild your core strength to prepare for a healthy second pregnancy and childbirth, this is not usually covered. If you need to strengthen your baby’s neck muscles to help them with tummy time and developmental milestones, this is not typically covered. If you need to address pelvic pain that leads to incontinence, pelvic pain is not covered.

Working with a cash-based OT or provider allows you to focus on your goals. Cash-based providers can help you participate in your everyday life without the constraints created by insurance companies.

We believe we have made a compelling case for cash-based healthcare providers. When you choose cash-based services, your time is dedicated to healing, not navigating the complexities of insurance approvals and provider referrals. Documentation is tailored to suit your needs and goals, highlighting areas for improvement and strengths. Additionally, you can benefit from preventative and proactive treatments that enhance your wellness and promote health.

In the spirit of positivity, let’s explore all the advantages we offer as cash-based providers, which are often not possible when dealing with insurance:

  1. Emotions are Welcome! In our practice, you don’t need to worry about billable time constraints. You can freely share your feelings and experiences in a safe space because these aspects are crucial to your care and overall well-being.
  2. Flexible and Responsive Care Your care plan evolves with you. New goals or concerns don’t require additional referrals; we can address them immediately.
  3. Thorough Initial Evaluations Our initial evaluations can last up to 1.5 hours, allowing for a holistic assessment of your orthopedic, developmental, and psychosocial concerns. We can have meaningful conversations to understand your needs comprehensively.
  4. Extended Follow-Up Appointments Follow-up sessions are up to an hour long, compared to the average 25-minute insurance-based sessions. This extended time allows for thorough manual therapy, discussions about movement, habits, rituals, and routines, and comprehensive education throughout your session.
  5. Family-Friendly Environment We welcome your children and babies. Observing your interactions and routines helps us provide better care.
  6. Faster, More Effective Treatment With the variety of treatments we offer, we can quickly identify and address your needs, promoting faster recovery and wellness.
  7. Comprehensive Support Network We have an excellent referral network to ensure you receive the progress and support you need. Our network includes top providers in various settings, all dedicated to supporting mothers and babies. Your maternal health and being seen and heard are crucial to your healing.

If you have any questions about how cash-based services work or how Nurtured Pelvic Health & Wellness can support your pelvic health or infant development needs, I am here to help.


To book an appointment with Rachel, please visit her website: or give her a call at 201-338-0727