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Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby

By Dr. Meagan McGowan
August 2021

Happy BIRTH-day!!  You’ve just accomplished the greatest physical and mentally challenging event of your life, you birthed your baby!  Now what?  Most women are unaware that in the United States we lack a standard of care for the postpartum woman.  Most consider postpartum to be a period of time much less than even the first year of their baby’s life.  This misunderstanding has unfortunately led to “normalizing” challenges faced physically, chemically, and emotionally as if they just come with the territory of birth.  At Core Therapies, we not only support this postpartum transition, we strive to bring understanding to the misconception that once a woman is no longer postpartum, her stress will resolve itself.  If you have birthed a baby, you are forever postpartum.

Throughout a woman’s prenatal care, our goal is to address any concerns she may have in the physical space, but beyond that, understand and support her in achieving her most optimal birth.  As she approaches the conclusion of her third trimester, the conversation shifts as we address her most present thoughts, but also introduce ideas for the postpartum transition.

Again, birth is the most physically challenging event of a woman’s life.  The transition to postpartum happens as soon as the placenta is birthed.  Her body preps for birth for months, and postpartum within minutes.  Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial in helping this recovery as the body works to regulate itself again.

  • We conduct a gentle treatment assessing the body, both joint and soft tissue, for imbalances since birth is deeply strenuous on the musculoskeletal system.
  • We discuss what rest looks like and how the act of breath-work is the first step toward recovery.
  • We assess a baseline of diastasis recti while also discussing pelvic floor recovery and what signs of stress look like.
  • We have an important conversation around nutrition and refueling during the months following her birth.
  • I personally recommend that every woman receive an assessment of blood work at 3 months and 6 months postpartum. Deficiencies that show up as physical or mental stress could be revealed preventing a woman from experiencing months or years of fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, etc.

As care progresses, we support Mom’s recovery through deeply intentional active care to help her reestablish core stability and allow her to handle the demands of daily life.  This creates a foundation that will support her as she returns to the level of activity she desires.

We always encourage Mom to schedule baby for their Birth-day adjustment, as growth in utero and the birthing process can leave baby with their own versions of stress.  All too often, baby is actually scheduled before Mom due to struggles with one or more of their systems.  Babies most often present with difficulty surrounding feeds, digestion, or rest.  In that moment, the baby is our priority, but we are checking in with Mom if she’s present, getting a sense of how she’s feeling/healing, and also checking in with her partner because all too often their stress is overshadowed.

Over the years, we have developed an incredible network of support professionals surrounding the birth world and beyond.  Chiropractic care is truly beneficial in many facets and with the collaboration of others, the family can more easily navigate Mom’s recovery and baby’s development.

Interested in Stem Cell Injections?

Interested in Stem Cell Injections? Increase your Chance for Success

By Dr. Noémie Long
August 2021

Stem cell injections are one of the most interesting options for those seeking help with chronic joint issues. People from all over are resting their hopes on this expensive and potentially life-altering procedure and its success. There are all kinds of stem cell injection and varied opinions about which form of regenerative therapy is the best. The point of this article is not to opine on which option is best, but rather to provide ideas for how to make your stem cells go the extra mile, improving your chances for success.

Think about if you were blind folded, taken from your home, and dropped in the middle of the Short Hills Mall during the busiest time of the year. As you opened your eyes, you’d see people running in all directions. Where should you go? Similar things happen with stem cells. They are injected into the body with the hopes that they survive, end up in the right place, and then become the right kind of cells. Quite often stem cells get carried to the most metabolically active sites and that means the heart and lungs which may not be where they are needed.

In cases where stem cells fail, a multitude of factors play into the failure. Did the stem cells go to the right spot (the knee versus the lungs)? Did they become the right kind of cell, or did they not survive? If your toxic body chemistry or a neurochemical shift caused the degeneration in the first place, did the new cells suffer the same fate as the original joints/cells? As an analogy, if we put roses in the garden and forget to water them, what will happen? The soil will dry up killing the roses. And if we plant new roses in the sandy dry soil, will they survive?

If you’re thinking about stem cell injections, how can you stack the odds in favor of success? The best answer is to be properly evaluated. See a provider who specializes in Neurochemical Shifts. The more pre-injection groundwork you lay, the better your odds of success. What else can you do? You can consider laser treatments before and after stem cell injections. We use the Erchonia FX635 laser which contains an advanced frequency that increases the probability that stem cells will go to the “right” place. It’s a safe and painless option with no side effects.

I’m happy to answer questions about Neurochemical Shifts and prepping your body pre-injections. If you need additional information about stem cells, cord blood or PRP, our Dr. Marc Funderlich, who has worked in regenerative medicine clinics, could be an excellent resource.

Core Therapies is a complete health solution. We are here to help answer any and all questions. Don’t hesitate to set up a consult and learn more about the cutting-edge tools we offer for those looking to improve their health.

Light Therapy NJ

The Healing Power of Light

The Healing Power of Light
by Dr. Jason Sonners

We are light sensitive beings. Our bodies convert sunlight into Vitamin D. UV rays can make our skin tan or burn. Dermatologists use light to treat precancerous cells or encourage skin peeling. In surgical centers, light can be used as a cutting tool. So why not use light as a therapeutic healing tool? We actually have a broad spectrum of laser and LED light devices with various uses and strengths at our disposal depending on what benefits we want to attain.

Most importantly, light can be used to attack inflammation in our bodies which, not properly treated, ultimately leads to many chronic illnesses. These include chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, cancer, further autoimmunity and many more. Whether we’re discussing trauma, concussion (TBI), or the varieties of arthritis and degenerative brain conditions: (Dementia, Alzheimer’s), we believe inflammation is a key factor causing the associated pain, brain fog, loss of normal function and decreased quality of life.

So at Core Therapies, we’ve decided to double down on that belief and bring new equipment and staff into our office to help us combat inflammation with every available tool. And that often begins with light! “Light Therapy” – or PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT) – means using laser and/or LED light in order to help improve cellular function. In addition to fighting inflammation, light can be used therapeutically in an attempt to reduce pain, improve skin health and complexion, increase our ability to produce energy and much more. We now have a number of Light Therapy devices in our office: Class 2, 3 and 4 handheld lasers, Violet handheld laser, Far Infrared Sauna and the only full body PBMT Bed in New Jersey.  Here’s a little bit about each to give you the basics:  Class 2, 3 and 4 Handheld Lasers – These handheld lasers are used one-on-one in the treatment rooms. Depending on the issues we’re addressing, we would determine which light or laser device to employ. These pieces of equipment can be used to relieve muscle, joint and back pain, heal tendons and ligaments and even be used to promote healing after a stroke or concussion as well as other brain conditions.  Violet Handheld Laser – Violet light is used to help with acne, sinus and other skin- based or gastrointestinal infection/bacterial imbalances.  Far Infrared Sauna – Far infrared waves penetrate the body to activate our sweat glands. By using light and heat, the sauna helps cells detoxify and improves circulation.  Full Body Light Therapy – This is somewhat similar to the handheld devices, but in a full body treatment. It is used as a full body cellular recovery tool – an excellent way to boost whole body healing, promote exercise recovery, combat systemic inflammatory conditions and more.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and bringing our patients the newest, highest quality treatment options that are grounded deeply in proven methods of healing recovery. Please ask us questions if you’d like to know more or try some of our new pieces of equipment.