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Aspen Class IV Laser Therapy
By: Dr. Sebastian Poma

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to treat pain points around your body? Laser therapy might just provide you with the solution you need. This medical treatment is FDA-cleared and provides everyone with a non-pharmacological and non-invasive method for pain relief.
Laser therapy is a common, non-surgical, and non-invasive way of treating various conditions. It can be used safely on almost every area of the body and can help with both acute and chronic injuries, pain, stiff joints, sore muscles and more.
Through this procedure there are various benefits to be gained:
– A boost in cellular metabolism
– Reduction in muscle spasms
– A decrease in pain
– Improved healing to damaged tissues

By applying stimulation to the specific wavelengths that affect the cell receptors inside our body, laser therapy can modify the effects of injured tissues. As such, it can reduce the overall duration of inflammation, while enhancing the body’s healing and repair capabilities. Here are just a few results that have been observed in various clinical studies as a result of laser therapy:
– Better vasodilation
– Better collagen production
– Better cell membrane
– Better cell metabolism
– Better lymphatic response
– Better microcirculation
– Better nerve regeneration
– Better pain threshold
– Better bone and tissue repair
– Better enzyme response
– Reduced edema magnitude
– Reduced duration in inflammation

Laser therapy can be used to treat chronic and acute conditions, along with post-activity recovery. It can also be used as an alternative to prescription drugs, a pre- and post-surgery treatment for swelling and pain.
Laser therapy has proved to be effective in improving recovery times after workouts or activities such as sports. It is also capable of reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Laser therapy provides the body with a series of healing responses, where patients will feel a wave of soothing warmth which signals the beginning of the process. The modulated cellular activity leads to an improvement in local circulation and decreased pain in the areas being treated. As a result, laser therapy can significantly enhance and accelerate our body’s natural repair and defense mechanisms.

Because of this, laser therapy is particularly useful for inflammation, workout and sports injuries, and some disease processes. For a successful treatment program, it’s best to undergo multiple treatments, where the number of weeks will depend on the severity of symptoms and your condition. Laser therapy is clinically used for the following conditions:

– Neck Pain
– Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) (Jaw Pain)
– Elbow & Joint Pain
– Shoulder Pain
– Low Back Pain
– Fibromyalgia
– Arthritis
– Sciatica
– Soft Tissue Damage
– Sports Injuries
– Plantar Fasciitis

If you’ve never had laser treatments done before, it’s only natural to be nervous about your first time. However, many patients report it to be a pleasurable experience, where you will feel warm, soothing and relaxing sensations during your sessions. These feelings are a reflection that your cells are getting the stimulation they need to promote healing.

Because laser treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, you’ll be able to go home on the same day as the treatment and quickly go back to your routine. Although, it’s best to avoid strenuous and direct exercise to help speed up your recovery process.

There are key factors that will play a role in determining how many treatments are needed, which are:
1. The patient’s response to the treatments
2. The nature of their condition

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