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How to Get Over a Cold Quicker…and Without Lifting a Finger

How to Get Over a Cold Quicker…and Without Lifting a Finger

How to Get Over a Cold Quicker…and Without Lifting a Finger

by Dr. Noémie Long
March 2020

As many of our patients have come to know, chiropractic adjustments help boost the immune system. Who wouldn’t want that when the winter flu makes its rounds? Many patients who have worked with the doctors here also know our favorite supplement combinations, teas, essential oils and nebulizer protocols. But what about light? Light therapies have many uses. We use it for everything from neonatal jaundice for our sickest kids in the NICU, to laser hair and scar removal. We use light therapy for filtering our organic local cider and for tanning.

Many of you know about cold laser therapy for healing, but what about when you’re sick? That’s where Purple Laser therapy comes in. Unlike the red wavelengths which help with healing, the purple light works by killing viruses, bacteria, candida and other small pathogens. This laser also has the added effect of boosting your own white blood cells and also busting biofilms. Biofilms are a slimy layer that forms on surfaces. In your home, they form in the tub and sink. In our bodies, biofilms form on your teeth (plaque), in your nose, throat, intestines, even on surgical implants like replacement hips, the screws from when you broke your wrist, and dental implants. The slime layer protects the bacteria living inside from medications (natural, herbal, or otherwise) that we may take. This is one of the ways that pathogens hide from detection. All of my patients know about my passion for medical research.

So here’s the list of pathogens that Purple Laser therapy has been shown to fight against:

Staph aureus e. coli and LPS toxins p. Gingivalis (causes cavities, gum disease)

P. Acnes (causes acne) Strep mutans (strep throat, cavities) MRSA

Pseudomonas H. Pylori Actinomyces naeslundii

cryptococcus Fusobacterium nucleatum Prevotella

Candida Saccharomyces HSV-1

CMV (cytomegalovirus) Hepatitis C Herpes zoster (chickenpox/shingles)

So, is the purple laser safe? Absolutely. There is no known risk from using this laser and it is safe for all ages. This light frequency will not hurt your own human cells. Most people feel nothing as they have the laser used on them. A typical treatment lasts about 5 minutes. For more information, don’t hesitate to ask your provider or call the office.