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December Events

How to end chronic pain and reclaim your life in 12 minutes a day

Sunday, December 9th, 10:30am-Noon
Presented by Performance Lifestyle Trainer John Allen Mollenhauer, Founder of Regenus Center

Today we're sleeping a mere 6.3 hours or less per night, amidst constantly elevated stress on our body/brain. We’re coping with stress in ways that create more stress, leaving us overstimulated and under recuperated, overfed and under-nourished (sometimes over-nourished), super busy but physically inactive; and dealing with inflammation and fatigue, weight, and chronic health issues that distract and hold us back from fully engaging in life.

The most promising, least understood and therefore overlooked answer to this problem is cellular and tissue “regeneration.” When energy production - recharging - and tissue restoration is not happening efficiently or effectively, daily, it compromises your health and wellbeing in every way.

In this free workshop presentation, you will learn how whole-body light “PhotoBioModulation” therapy (PBMT) doesn’t just mask the symptoms, but treats the biological source of your chronic pain and inflammation to transform your cellular health. Look, feel and perform better!

Pain: Friend or Foe, a Natural Health Workshop on Dec. 11th @7pm  

Dr. Noémie Long will discuss pain, its effect on our lives and the top three ways to fight it naturally! Learn what exactly pain is, friend or foe. We'll also cover natural ways to decrease pain, foods we can eat, where pain comes from and its purpose. Register by clicking here…space is limited.

Think Yourself Thin With Mindful Eating

Beginning Wednesday, December 12th - Presented by LuAnn Peters, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Health Coach
Fee: $18/class

Learn how to form a better relationship with food and get more enjoyment and satisfaction during and after meals. Discover a newfound connection to your body!  Guidelines to help you become conscious about how, what, when and why you eat will be discussed.  These basics will guide you to a way of eating that pleases your taste buds and supports your body's health. RSVP FOR WORKSHOP HERE

Winter Solstice Group Breathwork Session Friday, Solstice Evening, Dec. 21st, 7-9:30PM 

Join Megan Gouldner for an evening of Conscious Connected Breathing. For more information and/or to email your intent, email Megan at:

New Weekly Class: Gentle Yoga with Cheryl Wilson

Beginning Wednesday, November 7th
Fee: $18/class

Move at a slower and mindful pace while using gentle movements and basic poses to connect deeply to yourself. The emphasis will be on holding poses and gentle stretching while utilizing pranayama (breathwork) to quiet the mind. Improve flexibility, build strength, and bone density. Come and explore this class to enhance your overall well-being through meditation, gentle movement, and breath. All levels welcome, including beginners.
If you’re interested in attending, please contact Cheryl Wilson at

Special Introductory offers for PhotoBioModulation Therapy or Infrared Sauna

For Core Therapies clients only: Complimentary Consult & 1st Whole Body PBM Therapy Session. Click on this link to set up your free consult.

For All New Clients: PBMT Whole Body - 7 sessions for only $99
Total session time - 20 minutes (10 to 12 minutes of actual treatment time plus dressing time)
1 session a day; maximum 4 sessions a week
Sessions expire 15 days after first use
For All New Clients: Infrared Sauna - 7 sessions for only $99
Total session time - 40 minutes
1 session a day; maximum 6 sessions a week
Sessions expire 15 days after first use

Contact the Regenus Center at (862) 295-1620 for additional information or to purchase one of these special packages.


Thermography is offered in our office on the first Tuesday of every month by appointment only.  Call Lisa Mack at (609) 618-6545 to schedule and visit her website for additional information.

Family Days

Bring an immediate family member for their initial chiropractic visit and it's on us!  "Family Days" are our way of saying thank you for sharing your family with ours.


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