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Wellness to the Core is published by Difference Press and is available through Amazon.

Oxygen Under Pressure

Control Inflammation and Stop Chronic Illness In Its Tracks

The missing ingredient for helping your patient truly heal.

It may be no surprise to you that the health of most Americans continues to decline year after year with no obvious solution to chronic disease in sight.

While life span continues to rise (for now), the quality of life index is falling. Chronic illnesses including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, autism, dementia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic lyme, and many more are all skyrocketing year-after-year despite traditional medicine’s best efforts. In our children, allergies, food sensitivities, and autoimmune diseases are also on the rise.

Patients are mostly compliant, they are taking their statins, their blood sugar medications, their blood pressure pills, blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, pain meds, and steroids, but, at best, we are taking the edge off of their symptoms. We are certainly not stopping or “curing” any of these diseases. We are simply getting better at keeping sick people alive longer rather than truly helping them heal.

In this book you will discover both sides of this issue:

  1. How and why we see health and quality of life declining so quickly.
  2. What strategies we can implement to reverse that process and help our patients recover and restore their health.

Most importantly you will learn the role of Oxygen, our most abundant element, the most important but grossly underutilized nutrient in our body, that when used properly, literally reverses almost all the consequences of chronic disease and reestablishes the regenerative process of our own body.

Dr. Sonners has been a health care provider for well over 15 years, a health enthusiast his whole life and has been paying close attention to health trends over the past few decades. In this book he will show you:

  • The real reason chronic illnesses are becoming so common
  • How to recognize the chronic illness cycle in your patients earlier and what to do to help them
  • How to incorporate a multi-therapeutic approach to patient care and how synergy between therapies magnifies their benefits
  • The most obvious ingredient in helping your patients heal — hidden in plain sight!
  • How to help your patient understand that premature degeneration and chronic illness are common, but not a normal part of the aging process
  • Learn why breaking the inflammatory cycle that our patients are experiencing will prevent chronic disease
  • Discover strategies for breaking the inflammatory cycles

What are you waiting for? This book will arm you with the research, knowledge and principles you need to shift your approach to managing inflammation in your chronically ill and/or health optimization patients.


Wellness to the Core is published by River Grove Books and is available through Amazon.

Wellness To The Core

A Contemporary Guide To Healthful, Holistic Living

Dr. Jason Sonners Delivers a User-Friendly Approach to Living Well

Wellness to the Core, by NJ-based chiropractor/kinesiologist Jason Sonners. is packed with practical advice for living a life built on physical, mental and spiritual health.

Dr. Sonners was inspired to write Wellness to the Core as a takeaway for his devoted clientele, many of whom come to him after traditional doctors have failed to help them in their quest for wellness. He realized that his prescription for health was much needed.

“America is in the throes of a colossal health care crisis,” states Dr. Sonners. “It is evident not only in the increasingly high rates of chronic illness, but also in our inability to deal with, manage, or prevent these widespread diseases.”

In his book, Dr. Sonners details the failures of the American health care system, explaining the shortcomings of many traditional medical approaches to illness. Empowering the reader to take responsibility for their own wellness, he offers an alternative, integrated and individualized approach that honors personal choice and is built upon a system of beliefs, not dogmas.

One of the keystones of Wellness to the Core is Dr. Sonners’ Be Fit, Be Nourished, Be Balanced Program. Like many other health advocates, he flags stress as one of the deadliest threats of contemporary life and offers gentle advice for dealing with the inevitable stresses we face in the course of our complex 21st century lives. He writes about the need for spiritual balance and self-esteem and offers important nutritional guidelines and recipes. Wellness to the Core also a detailed fitness regimen included at the end of the book…complete with photographs.

Refreshingly free of preachy language, draconian restrictions and impossible-to-achieve goals, Wellness to the Core is – more than anything — an approach to living well.




A Functional Medicine Guidebook For Putting The Pieces Back Together

By Dr. Jason Sonners

Written by Dr. Jason Sonners, international speaker and author, this e-book presents the differences between traditional and functional medicine as well as a variety of options available to families.  Topics include toxicity’s impact on health, understanding inflammation and its effects on the brain and body, and proper testing and functional medicine labsDr. Sonners also covers various therapies by addressing the microbiome, food allergies and sensitivities, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, red light therapies and neurological support.



Self-Care Simplified

A Simple Guide For Self-Care

By Dr. Melisssa Sonners

Written by Dr. Melissa Sonners, this ebook focuses on her journey with neurological lyme and how she struggled through with three kids and a busy career. This experience radically shifted her thoughts about putting herself first and how she now embraces self-care and fits it into her busy routine. You can too!