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Biohack Your Stem Cells!

The Stemnomic Solution is an amazing 7-week virtual journey designed to help make stem cells by implementing ancient healing strategies such as ketosis, fasting and diet variation.  The program is perfect for people interested in these strategies who have no idea how or where to start. The program includes weekly zoom calls, a dedicated facebook group and a comprehensive planner/guidebook.  You can read more about the program and download introductory information here. If you have questions or would like additional information, email Dr. Melissa Sonners at

Transform Your Life in Seven Weeks!

Week 1: Get off the “blood sugar rollercoaster” once and for all! Up ahead in your journey: more stable moods, less irritability!

Week 2: Become more fat adapted! Less brain fog! More clear focus! Get things done!

Week 3: Less time eating and digesting = more time healing. This means up ahead for you: More energy and stamina, better performance working out!

Week 4: Fat, like big logs on a bonfire, burns low and slow. This week you are challenging your mitochondria and tapping deep into the subcutaneous fat stores.

Week 5: Even more fat adaptation, stronger and more efficient fat burner! Become a “professional fat burner”! Ready to fully rest next week.

Week 6: Deep healing going on in the body, rest, rejuvenation, breathing, sleeping, warm baths.

Week 7: Re-inoculating the gut with beneficial bacteria. Rebooted and robust immune system! Ready to take on the world!




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Here’s what recent participants are saying about The Stemnomic Solution:

One of the biggest things for me with this process is my overall sleep and energy. My kids and husband are getting more of the quality mom/wife. My desire to work out is back....and that’s really important to me.

I thought the hardest thing would be missing some of the foods and drinks that I definitely over indulged in (soda, sweets, anything with lots of carbs). After getting prepared with a smarter shopping list and pre-planning my weekly meals, everything is just falling right into place. I don’t have any major cravings as long as I stick to my prepared meal plans. As each day goes by I do find thing getting easier and easier. After just my first week, I noticed I was a little more focused, my body felt a little lighter and not so bloated. I even think I look a little better when I look in the mirror!

The program has given me the tools to integrate fasting correctly into my life. I have picked up valuable bits of information from the Zoom calls and the facebook group.

Fasting! So dig it. It’s energizing. Teaching your mind that your body’s got this rocks! Learning the endless roads of healing your body can!!

As a post-menopausal woman, weight loss was virtually impossible no matter what I did. Loved hearing about the foods I should add in on feast days as those are foods I crave - beans, potatoes. I feel great. In a word I would say I am feeling “brighter.”

I’m a creature of habit and could eat the same things every day. Changing it up made a big difference. The support from everyone has also been great and kept me going. The posts, ideas and guest speakers have been awesome.

I think the hardest thing to get used to is the delicate balance of your too much protein can trigger glucose and getting all that fat into one day. But the rewards are just amazing!!!

I sleep so well and wake up so unbelievably refreshed! I heard that sugar can contribute to depression and now that I am fully off it, my moods are almost euphoric...even when I fast! My family has noticed that I’m happier and more energetic!

My favorite thing about this group is the people! The guest speakers have been amazing, I love the recipe sharing, but mostly I love posting a question and learning a few new strategies with each challenge!

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