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Calming, Relaxing, Restorative, Repairing

To create a profound and lasting change within your body’s system, to find relief from chronic pain and dysfunction - to change the issues in your tissues - you have to make a deep and lasting change in the conditioned patterns of your body. You have to change your body’s language. Proper body alignment can help prevent excess strain on joints, muscles, and spine—alleviating pain and reducing the risk of injury. A fluid and aligned structure also boosts focus, productivity, and mood, and helps a body to use its muscles, brain, and nervous system more efficiently, enhancing immune and hormonal function.

Quality Massage and Bodywork can facilitate the kind of repatterning that leads to the lasting release of chronic holdings and a profound change of mind and body. Informed touch has also been shown to be the number one relief for a brain suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  At Core Therapies, our therapist tailors sessions to provide a unique blend of bodywork modalities designed for the alignment of each client’s individual self.

Our massage sessions are integrative, designed to give your body the expert care it needs to perform optimally.

1 hour – provides time for a full body massage OR focused relief for specified areas of pain or stress.

1.5 hours – provides time for a full body massage PLUS focused relief of key areas causing pain, dysfunction, tension and stress.

Reflexology (40 min.)

Relaxing, Restorative

A calm and soothing technique, reflexology is a form of acupressure massage which uses the countless nerve endings on the hands and the feet (mostly) to access and/or restore the innate healing potential within your body’s various systems.

Reflex Therapy is recognized today as an effective health preventative, attributed to be beneficial for the instant relief of numerous health concerns. Reflexology can help resolve exhaustion, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, constipation, irritable bowel digestive issues, insomnia, stress and stress-related conditions.

Pre-Natal Massage (1 hour)

Pre-natal massage shares many of the goals of a regular massage – relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and to simply help you feel good. However, a pre-natal massage is also tailored specifically to pregnant women and their changing bodies.

Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity, and can put a lot of stress on your back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your joints {specifically your pelvic joints} are less stable and can change your posture, pulling a woman forward.

Pre-natal massage can help provide relief for aching muscles and joints as well as provide a woman with a sense of groundedness and confidence in her new body and the incredible changes it goes through before and after giving birth.

Rain Drop Therapy (1 hour)

Restorative, Detoxifying, Relaxing, Regenerative

With this technique, pure quality essential oils are used to address pathogenic organisms that hibernate along our spinal cords, in our lymph systems, and held latent within our organs, causing a myriad of health-related issues (such as colds, viruses, pain, fatigue and tension). The oils are dispensed along the spine and feet in a synergistic sequence. A very light massage and feathering technique are used to apply the oils as you relax on the table. After the application a hot/moist compress is used to further the oils into the tissues and cells of the body.

The essential oils are high in antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and balancing properties to support the electrical and energetic alignment of the body and the smooth movement of biochemical waste and toxins that may be compromising your health. This technique is a fabulous support for persons affected during allergy and cold season, and to help support the removal of waste during radiation and chemotherapy.

Pediatric Massage (30 minutes)

In this fast paced society fraught with poor food choices, increased tendency to remain sedentary and the often distracting quality of technology on children's attention, it is wise to help connect children with the importance of understanding health and wellness within the body and mind. Along with healthy blood and lymph flow, injury repair and relaxation effects, Massage and Bodywork can provide a medium to help children inhabit their bodies more confidently and become more mentally and emotionally centered through the balancing effects on the nervous and endocrine systems.

Massage and Bodywork can help children with ADHD, ADD, neurological disorders, depression and/or anger issues, and self esteem issues or children simply overworked in school or sports respond to their environments happily and healthily. A skilled therapist can also provide the space for a child to release and let go of the high demands placed on them in the world today.

We do everything for our children, why not teach them what a miracle their bodies are?!

Collard Method Bodywork (1 hour)

Balancing, Restorative, Regenerative, Increases Body Awareness and ‘Present Time’ Function

Based on the observation of Non Verbal Communication and the awareness of the physiological reactions of thought and emotion driving your nervous system, your practitioner uses structural alignment techniques, visceral manipulation and soft tissue releases to listen deeply to the body, helping the client become aware of pain, postural distortions, endocrine issues, etc. that may be caused by the habitual patterns of thinking conditioned deep within our subconscious mind and primal reflexes. This is a ‘clothes on’ procedure, combining dialogue, somatic therapy and soft tissue work.

Suggestions are given post-session in order to help retrain neurological pathways out of old conditioning and into a more optimal state of being. This technique balances the nervous system and hemispheres of the brain providing clarity and focus to the body and mind, enhances endocrine function, brings relief from anxiety, depression and various mood disorders, helps align musculoskeletal function and provides a deep sense of Body Awareness, often missing from the high-stress and hyper vigilant bodies and minds of today’s society.

The intention of this work is to align the body’s structure {bone, muscle and connective tissue}, balance the nervous system and brain function, clear the energetic pathways (meridians, nadis, chakras, etc) in order for the client to operate, and function freely, in Present Time without the constraints of old worn-out conditioning, whether it be a thought, an emotion or a pattern of movement.

Intuitive Bodywork (1.5 hours)

Calming, Balancing, Restorative, Increases Body Awareness and Enhances Nervous System Function

This modality is a unique blend of the Collard Method, Therapeutic Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy and Cranial Therapy. Again, based on the observation of Non Verbal Communication and the awareness of the physiological reactions of thought and emotion driving your nervous system, the intention of this work is to help one become aware of pain, postural distortions, hormonal issues, etc. that may be caused by the habitual patterns of thinking conditioned deep within our subconscious mind and primal reflexes.

By aligning the body’s structure, helping to balance the nervous system and brain function, and clearing the body’s “energetic pathways,” clients are left with the freedom to operate, and function freely, in Present Time without the constraints of old, worn-out conditioning, whether it be a thought, an emotion or a repetitive pattern of movement.

Much of how we view our world, and ourselves, is a conditioned story based on the “evidence” we have received from the environment around us. Our bodies, our body’s language, projects this story to the world around us, which in turn reflects back to us further evidence of this story’s existence keeping us in a continuous cycle of old patterns, frustrating results and often leaves one feeling tired and helpless to change. By using simple techniques to retrain the nervous system and subtle shifts in Body Awareness, the old stories we had about ourselves, our relationships, or our families, etc. begin to catch up with the magnificence of the present moment and no longer have a heavy hold on how we view our world.

Massage Therapy Florham NJ

Tune-Up (30 min)

Aligning, Restorative, Regenerative

A blend of structural integration techniques, myofascial release, cranial therapy and energy work, the “Tune Up” was designed as a follow-up for Intuitive Bodywork sessions to track the progress of the body’s neurological re-programming or as a standalone to provide clients with a deep sense calm and relaxation. It can provide relief from sinus pressure, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, provide clarity to the mind and body and help integrate healing between chiropractic sessions.

Transcendental Breathwork (2 hours)

Calming, Healing, Detoxifying, Energizing

Many Breathwork modalities work on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical well-being and the openness of the lungs, chest cavity, ribs and the entire cardio-respiratory system. Learning to consistently relax and release the breath dissolves tension, reduces stress, soothes inflammation and helps heal a myriad of issues caused by ‘stress’ and inflammation alone.

Through the conscious-connected breathing cycle, your body takes in more oxygen than usual which changes the CO2 levels within our brain. This form of breathing can allow for non-ordinary states of consciousness {simply put: heightened right brain function}, where cellular memories, pictures, emotions or body sensations can surface to be reviewed, released and integrated. The power of this conscious breath cycle is that in this state you are the experiencer as well as the observer of past incidents that may emerge, enabling you to release and re-interpret what “happened” in the past from a newly conscious and fresh perspective. Through conscious-connected breathing you accumulate life-force (prana, chi) which starts to move freely through (experienced as tingling, energy rushes or waves, changes in temperature). This loosens up stored blockages held within the body’s cellular memory freeing the body of much needed energy and vitality.

This technique is designed for those who wish to clear long standing patterns or simply wish to learn how to breathe more fully, with more life and vitality.

Energy Work (45min)

Calming, Balancing, Restorative

Energy medicine is probably the oldest profession. Abilities for sensing and correcting energy imbalances by stimulating certain points or areas on or around the body have been passed down for over 5,000 years. Quantum Physics teaches that the human body is light energy (photons) and information. The enormous implications for these are the basis for energy medicine.

Our bodies are a latticework of energies; these energies are the infrastructure of the human body and are the first protection against disease and illness. These invisible, but proven, energies shape the way we live. The energy system of the human body is just as dynamic and complex as the universe.

This system of energy healing is based on your practitioner’s 17 years of study within the subtle energy modalities. It is an intuitive blend of Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Medical Qi Gong, NonVerbal Communication and Kafuta (a Cherokee energy healing modality).

Are you feeling “spacey” or ungrounded? Have your emotions been in disarray lately? Are your physical issues taking much longer to heal and stabilize or perhaps plagued with one injury after another? Do you feel “stuck” or dispassionate in life, relationships or work? If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions or simply have questions of your own, then an Energy Healing session is right for you!


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